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Semi-Private - Open Water - (2 Person)  eLearning Course


Semi-Private - Open Water - (2 Person) eLearning Course

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When we get confirmation of you signing up for the class we will contact you by email and send you your link to start your classroom work as soon as we can. So when your class starts you could possibly have alread done your homework.

This is a Semi-Private Open Water Course. This is designed for couples or buddies who need a custom schedule that cannot or do not wish to do a regularly scheduled class. The schedule show is just and example. This program has the benefits of one on one instruction which will usually resort in completing the class in a shorter period of time. The schedule can be customized providing the customer and the available instructors schedules can be matched together.

We start off with communication on time constraints to make sure the schedule is compatible. So please email of call us first. We are pretty flexible and might be mistaken for magicians. But we are not miracle workers. The trick to making it work to finish sooner is to start sooner. Once we talk you can probably start immediately.

This includes course tuition for the semi-private class per person, certification fee, eLearning, eLearning Enhancement Pack. This does not include boat fees or equipment rental. The customers are responsible for the instructor boat fees once a final schedule is determined. Customer is responsible for purchasing personal gear which is mask, fins, snorkel, boots, gloves, octo holder, whistle, signal tube, diver slate, etc. which will be offered at a student discount. The Students are responsible to cover the costs of the instructors boat expenses to teach the class.

Because this a Semi-Private Class - the schedule posted is not an actual schedule. The schedule will actually be customized between the student and the instructor so that logistics can be the best suited for the customer. If you have any dealines or any severe availabilty issues we recommend discussing them prior to signing up for the class. If not then once you sign up we will find an instructor that can match your availabilty to fullfill your needs as best we can. The dates listed are simply to allow you to sign up online and then we will restructure the schedule in ongoing communications with the student and instructor.

Please pick a class start date below to sign up for a class. The actual custom schedule will be worked out with you after you sign up.


18 Apr 2020 | 2 | 2
Orientation, paperwork, Gear Selection, pick up rental Gear,
Sat 18 Apr 2020
Pool Session 1
Sun 19 Apr 2020
Ocean Dives - Day 1
Sat 25 Apr 2020
Ocean DIves - Day 2
Sun 26 Apr 2020

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